Setting up a SQL GUI with CockroachDB

Create a free cluster on
  • Username: paul
  • Password: g4wH8APMDV
  • Host:
  • Port: 26257
  • Database: defaultdb
  • Configuration Parameters: sslmode=verify-full&sslrootcert=’$HOME’/.postgresql/root.crt&options= — cluster%3Dpython-bootcamp-2788
  • sslmode: verify-full
  • sslrootcert: ’$HOME’/.postgresql/root.crt
  • options:--cluster%3Dpython-bootcamp-2788
  • sslrootcert: /Users/paul/root.crt
  • options: --cluster=python-bootcamp-2788

Download and install DBeaver




Engineer, Professor

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Paul Logston

Paul Logston

Engineer, Professor

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